Digital signage:(employer) branding on university campus

Close to the students: your digital campaign

Position your (employer) brand directly on the campus of the University of Hamburg at various faculty locations. Whether you are planning a large campaign or just want to promote a job advertisement: You decide the design – we get your content where it will be seen by the target group.

Your advantages

Uncomplicated booking with a personal contact if required

Visibility among the young target group: Over 42,000 enrolled students
(+15,000 employees) on campus

Clear positioning for
specific campaigns:
Selection by faculty possible

Location ESA West-Flügel-Foyer

2 Screens, 75 Zoll, 9:16

Both screens are located directly in the foyer of the “ESA West” wing. Thousands of students, primarily students from the humanities faculty, pass through the foyer every day. It is the first university building from Dammtor train station, so there is a high frequency of almost all students using public transport.

Location Wiwi-Foyer VMP 5

3 Screens, 75 Zoll, 9:16

In this very centrally located building there are a total of three screens to be used. The foyer is visited every day by numerous students from various faculties, as the “Mensa WiWi” is also located directly here. However, the building is also considered a gateway to VMP9 (economics and social sciences) and can be seen as a very central hub on the campus.

Location Rechtshaus Foyer

1 Screen, 49 Zoll, 9:16

The large law house and library are a home to all law students on campus. Located directly the opposite of the cafeteria and the Philturm, this is the central contact point for the law faculty and every visitor to the library.

Location Hochschulsport Foyer

1 Screen, 49 Zoll, 9:16

University sports, which are accessible to all students, are located northeast of the campus. This is currently attended by over 67,000 members, so the university sports foyer is heavily frequented across disciplines. The Faculty of Psychology and Movement Science is also located here.

Are you planning larger campaigns?